Sports SurfacesCourtsol, Pavitex

We offer different types of surfaces COURTSOL and PAVITEX.

COURTSOL - Your sports and project solution.

Courtsol Standing – Three-layer system for painting old or new tennis courts and playing fields with similar utilization.

courtsol standing

Courtsol Tournament – Five-layer system for painting old or new tennis courts and playing fields with the same utilization.

courtsol tournament

Courtsol Pro – Eight-layer system for painting old or new tennis courts and playing fields with similar utilization. Courtsol Pro differs from traditional coating, it includes a unique mixture of rubber aggregates that guarantee an excellent, elastic effect. Courtsol Pro increases playing time by decreasing the risk of injury, while providing extremely reliable, effective and appropriate ball rebound. This surface is considered of high quality by professional players.

courtsol pro

Courtsol Comfort – Four-layer system for old or new tennis courts. Courtsol Comfort is used along with our resin on an elastic carpet. This gives the players maximum comfort while lowering the risk of injury. It is also partially adjusted to fit the base surface.

courtsol comfort

Advantages of Courtsol

  • 35 years of experience
  • Internationally approved
  • Full range of options
  • 4 systems that fit any budget or comfort requirements
  • Very good quality / price ratio
  • Perfectly stable and aesthetic (8 colors)
  • Enjoyment of the game and quality
  • High mechanical resistance and long service life of products and colors
  • Easy to upkeep

PAVITEX sports carpet

Tennis carpet Pavitex for indoor and outdoor courts:

  1. Materiálová a technická charakteristika

    polypropylene carpet tread (100% PP) with a velour structure, granulate EPDM rubber.

    • material color (light – dark green, light – dark red, light – dark)
    • blue
    • same-material lining, width=5cm, white
    • granulate EPDM rubber 300-500grams/m2 (or silica sand in outdoor courts)
  2. Sports and technical properties

    The characteristics of the tennis carpet from the playing perspective come close to the rebound properties of the ball on a clay surface. As per I.T.F. classification, this is certified in the “medium” category – class 3 fast.
    It allows players to skid closer to the ball. It is best suited for recreational and professional play.

    Advantages of such a playing field:

    • universal use for both indoors and outdoors courts
    • minimal (if any) upkeep (no sprinkling required)
    • smooth to play on, safe for players
    • improved hygiene of the surface (no dustiness)
    • can be built fast on all substructures
    • long service life of the surface
  3. Material sampler – color


  4. Foundation requirements

    Flatness of the foundation, according to the IAKS regulations for outdoor surfaces +/- 4mm per 4m lath, for indoor surfaces +/- 3mm per 3m lath. Material solution for asphalt carpets, glazed concrete, deck flooring: for indoor installation. Water-permeable gravel foundation (compacted 98% PS) can be used for outdoor courts