Cleaning and revitalization of synthetic turfs

We offer maintenance work such as brushing surfaces, removing moss, depth purification, color restoration, removing self-seeding plants, etc.

Synthetic Turfs

Nowadays available in more than 40 variants, ranging from fibrillated to monofilaments, it is the perfect surface for sports such as tennis or ball games, available with or without backfill.

Tennis Courts

The construction of tennis courts is one of the primary objectives of the company—we offer a wide selection, suitable for all kinds of people, ranging from beginners to professionals. Our services include the construction of new courts, as well as reconstructions of used ones, including indoor tennis courts and tennis halls.

Multipurpose playing fields for 12 types of sports

Our multipurpose playing fields allow for 12 types of sports:
handball, tennis, football, badminton, futnet, basketball, volleyball, hockey, ball hockey, golf, floorball and streetball all year round, including freezing the turf and turning it into ice, allowing for even more sports.