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FUNNY SPORT offers a complete delivery and assembly of a badminton court as is desired by the client (dimensions, color, lining, installation).

For playing badminton we offer practically all playing surfaces in all standard variations for sport halls. (Parquets, deck flooring, synthetic playing surfaces, special badminton surface BAD-T).

Dimensions: single court 13,40 x 5,18 m
double court 13,40 x 6,10 m

Materials made out of sports flooring with soft stepping used specifically for badminton. Construction of tread carpets is made specifically from lightweight plastic with a protective cover layer and structured design. Form constancy is ensured by inserted mesh-work made out of glass fabric. Flooring thickness 4 mm, with colors.

Court lining done using antiseptic PUR color with strapping, width=4cm, color per client’s request (blue recommended, yellow, green, white).

Hockeyball playing field

Funny Sport delivers and assembles hockeyball playing fields for recreational and professional use, in dimensions as requested by the client. Our first realization of a hockeyball playing field based on regulations by ČMSHb was the central hockeyball stadium in Prague, Palmovka, built in 1994.

Summarized evaluation:

Realized playing fields and surfaces adhere to technical and constructional regulations set by the ČMSHb (Czechomoravian Hockeyball Association).
Our playing fields, surfaces and barrier system adheres to operational and competitive requirements of hockeyball.
Listed playing fields and surfaces are approved by ČMSHb for competitive use, including league competitions.

Constructions are made in zinc, sheathing in plastic or colored, water-resistant plywood. Handrails are specifically shaped with safety precautions in mind. The entire construction is as robust as is permitted with a long service life, over 18 years.